Guild of Front-End Developers

A summary of what's going on in Holland

by Peter-Paul Koch

for Yahoo!, Oct. 19th, 2007


Target audience

  1. Large website creation companies
  2. Small companies and freelancers

Definition: large website creation companies are companies whose core business is the creation of websites for others, and who employ at least 25 people.


Who supports us?

The level of support is awesome

Background: Web Guidelines 1

Background: Web Guidelines 2

But ...

This assumes there are enough standards-aware web developers around to create all these sites

... and there aren't (as yet)

Besides, clients need to have a way of separating good front-end developers from bad

Certification 1

Certification 2

  • Certification status (informal or formal?) still under discussion
  • Starting up right now; we won't yet publish any findings
  • Eventually the results will have to go public


  • Purpose: networking, get to know each other, skill swaps
  • I personally will arrange meetings in Amsterdam.
  • If you want meetings in your own town, organise them.
  • Fronteers has a bit of budget for supporting meetings.

Action 1

  • Persuade large companies (both creators and clients) to openly declare they're working with web standards.
  • Organise conferences, training sessions, and such

Action 2

  • Education. Right now, "multimedia" studies have little to do with everyday reality (in progress)
  • Get the press in (partly done)
  • Harmonise job titles. (Web designer? Web developer? Web producer?)

Your turn