Auto Complete Design Pattern

By YUI TeamFebruary 13th, 2006

Problem Summary

The user needs to enter an item into a text box which could ambiguous or hard to remember and therefore has the potential to be mis-typed.

Auto completion of contacts on Yahoo! Mail Beta

Auto Complete is under-utilized in most web sites and web applications. Most text fields could benefit from the addition of this feature. When done correctly, it lightens the load of the user both mentally and physically.

We are currently planning to provide this behavior in an upcoming release of the Yahoo! User Interface Library.

The pattern can be found at: Auto Complete.


  1. This sounds really cool. Could you be more specific on “when” you plan to release this behaviour?

  2. Ok soooo…. where is the library?

  3. As Eric Miraglia pointed out on his blog, our engineer Jenny Han is hard at work on the Auto Complete JavaScript. We’re planning on releasing consistently and frequently (though I can’t give dates yet, sorry!), so hang tight it’s coming.

  4. cooooool!
    i like this one…..

  5. Please let me know, i really want to use it on my site.


  6. I’m assuming that it’ll be closely tied to Yahoo! Connect, so will the code have some good examples?

    Keep up the good work – you guys are cranking out some good tools!

  7. Could you let us know approx when this particular sample will be released? Is it in the front of the queue or the back of the line? =)


    another auto-complete i might use as a ref if this is not coming soon:

  8. Dan,

    Yes it is in the front of the queue. And development has been and is in full swing on this component.

    I cannot give you an exact release date, but we recognize it as super important and it will be soon.

    See for a general statement about our roadmap policy.

  9. Just checking in… any updates?

  10. Any news on when Auto Complete will be added to the YUIL? Really looking forward to it!


  11. any updates on this?


  12. Really looking forward to seeing the library release for this! Sounds very useful indeed!

  13. Any news on the delivery of the autocomplete?
    Thank you

  14. Hello
    I’m using wick ( )

    any updates for this yahoo design pattern ?


  15. I was very happy to see this released and stuck it into a site on our dev server recently. It works great on Firefox, and I get nothing on any recent version of IE or Safari. Ummmm…. ? (I have plenty of ajax on my site, and it’s all cross-browser as much as possible.) I’m pretty sure this is something that Y! developers would have tested for, so I must be doing something wrong. I dont even know how to begin debugging though. I’ll start digging through the code, but I would have expected something akin to jog4javascript as a tracethrough debugging platform from a big toolset like this. Any luck?



  16. ps: your examples do work in my IE browser, so it’s something in my implementation. still stuck playing browser debug tho…

  17. Dan,

    Can you post your issue on the ydn-javascript group? This will be your best bet at getting a timely answer to your question.