YUI Theater: Joe Hewitt, Welcome to Firebug 1.0

By YUI TeamJanuary 26th, 2007

Joe Hewitt announced the GA release of Firebug 1.0 at Yahoo yesterday.

Note 1/30/07: For the best viewing experience, download the .mp4 version of this video and play it in QuickTime player, VLC or the player of your choice. This downloadable version is slightly higher resolution (480×360) and makes it a little bit easier to see what Joe is doing on the screen. -Eric

Firebug 1.0 hit the wires at Mozilla on Wednesday night and Firebug’s author Joe Hewitt of Parakey Inc. stopped by Yahoo! Thursday to debut the new features. Joe was kind enough to let us record his talk, and we’re pleased to share that with you in the YUI Theater. Although I use Firebug on a daily basis, this was an eye-opening talk for me — I had no idea how much Firebug was capable of until I saw Joe give the power-user tour.

If you’re reading this in a flash-capable viewer, you can check out Joe’s talk in the embedded player below:

Update 1/29: Yahoo!’s Lauren Garcia has a nice recap/summary of the talk on her blog.

More Video

The YUI Theater section of the YUI Website contains links to videos from JSON inventor Douglas Crockford, Oddpost cofounder Iain Lamb, YUI engineer Matt Sweeney, and much more.


  1. Typo: that should be Parakey rather than Parkey (your link text above).

  2. @Brian: Thanks. -Eric

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  4. Good talk, but unfortunately the examples in the browser can’t be seen clearly enough to follow along.

  5. @David: True, web-style video and full-resolution screen work don’t go well together. The QuickTime version is comparatively clearer than the re-compressed Yahoo! Video version, so try that… -Eric

  6. [...] Debugging and editing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on a web page in real time has been a great time saver for me. Learn more about Firebug 1.0 from the Yahoo video where Joe explains the new features and functionality. The article in Dr. Dobb’s Journal describes AJAX Debugging with Firebug. [...]

  7. Although its great that these wonderful presentations are made available( this, Douglas Crockford’s talks ), I am once again disappointed by the fact that the chosen media is in a proprietary format, that being Quicktime.

    I am struck by the irony that we all strive for inclusion with web standards, and yet I am continually frustrated in accessing a lot of media because I am a Linux user.

    There are great codecs( like Ogg and Theora ) available to distribute media we can all enjoy and access, rather than be excluded by Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe( who gets a small thanks for finally releasing the Flash 9 player ), or the people who use their media frameworks.

    Even if I used Windows or Mac OS, I’d deal with MS’s crap WM player on the Mac, or Apple’s crap, nagware Quicktime port on Windows.

    I guess I should be thankful I can access these Flash clips, as they are compatible with Flash 7.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and remember your brethren in the Linux community.

  8. @The Foo: It’s true that the current downloadable rip of the Firebug video is in .mov format (noted in the post is that the m4v version is coming and will replace the .mov), but I posted DCs as M4Vs, which is just a mp4 with an iPod-specific suffix. If you download one of those m4v files, rename it as mp4, are you not able to view that on Linux at all? There’s no mp4 player with H.264 support on Linux? My goal, obviously, is to make this as available as possible…I am indeed sorry that the Flash version on YUI Video isn’t working for you on Linux (please report that through the YVid pages, btw). -Eric

  9. [...] If you’re doing web development or design of any sort, you have to check out Joe Hewitt’s talk on Firebug at Yahoo! – download the movie or watch it online, just make sure you watch it. [...]

  10. Hello Eric,

    Thank you for your kind response. I was not aware that I could merely change the extension( I made the assumption that it was a particular codec ).

    I have done as you suggested with Mr. Crockford’s presentation and I am watching it in VLC now.

    I look forward to the FireBug presentation soon!

  11. Yes! Thank you for the downloadable video. Way to go!


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  16. [...] Yahoo! User Interface Blog on julkaissut videon, jossa Firebugin kehittäjä Joe Hewitt kertoo lisää sen ominaisuuksista. Video on melko pitkä, noin 48 minuuttia, mutta se on täyttä asiaa. [...]

  17. Another great talk in the YUI Theater series.

  18. [...] This is an awesome tool to debug and profile javascript. It has a lot of new features compare to the previous releases. Here is a great video of Joe Hewitt (Firebug’s author) about those new features : http://yuiblog.com/blog/2007/01/26/video-hewitt-firebug/ [...]

  19. Tirso Peralta said:
    February 2, 2007 at 5:20 am

    Great video!, firebug is a very usefull tool, good work

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  22. Amazing video. Everyone who uses firebug should watch this… learned a lot thanks.

  23. Linux users can use mplayer to view Quicktime movies, as well as a variety of different formats.

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  25. [...] YUI Theater: Joe Hewitt, Welcome to Firebug 1.0 More … [...]

  26. [...] YUI Theater: Joe Hewitt, Welcome to Firebug 1.0 More … [...]

  27. [...] Yahoo! has been a tremendous supporter of the project, first by giving me the opportunity to speak on their campus and hosting the video of my talk, and now with actual engineering resources. I’m really looking forward to meeting candidates and working with this developer on Firebug 2.0 and beyond. [...]

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  30. Well, I’d like some simple questions answered that seem to be missing from the manual.

    1) what does ghosted text mean in the html tab?
    2) what does strike through text mean in CSS?

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  33. Great video

  34. Amazing Presenation. Thanks for the downloadable video.

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