YDN Theater — Julien Lecomte: “High Performance Ajax Applications”

By YUI TeamDecember 20th, 2007

Julien Lecomte of Yahoo delivers a tech talk on high-performance Ajax web-development.

Julien Lecomte, author of the YUI Compressor and the YUI Browser History Manager, recently gave a talk at Yahoo on the creation of high-performance DHTML applications.

In this talk, Julien covers several major performance topics:

  • Developing for high performance
  • High performance page load
  • High performance JavaScript
  • High performance DHTML
  • High performance layout and CSS
  • High performance Ajax
  • Performance measurement tools

Julien was kind enough to let us shoot video, and Ricky Montalvo from the Yahoo! Developer Network did the editing. I know Julien would love to hear your questions and feedback in the comments section.

src="http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/ypp/default/player.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"

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  5. Your presentation is great! Very helpfull. Thank you.

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  7. Hi

    I was surfing and found this article.
    I,m from Poland. It’s realley very interesting presentatiom.

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  12. Maybe it has been too long from the talk date but all the links are broken – no download and no embed is working.

  13. @Joe — You’re right, the video is no longer available for download. I’ve updated the post. The embed still works for me, though; you should be able to watch that on a Flash-enabled browser. -Eric

  14. can’t see in embedded form, and no download.
    Seemingly useful and interesting video, but can’t really watch it…

  15. @vadrer – Thanks for letting me know — this should be fixed now. -Eric

  16. thank you, Eric, the video is now available, indeed.
    very useful :)

  17. I’m trying to watch this video probably over a bit slower network connection and am having a bad time. The video keeps breaking frequently for buffering and doesn’t buffer even 20 secs of continuous video at a shot. It’s impossible to watch the video with so many breaks. So, I left the video paused in the hope that it will buffer a bigger chunk that I can then watch comfortably, and it worked a couple of times but the video restarted during my third attempt to do the same. And guess what? On restart, it’s back to the buffering mode right from the start (nothing seem to have got cached on my machine) and my bad experience continues. The same happens when I rewind a bit in the hope to get a continuous feed. Is it possible to make this video available for download? Or at least host it on youtube so that people with slower connections can watch it better (youtube player does a good job caching the video locally – at least when I rewind, I get a continuous video of the overall buffered chunk)?

  18. Amit — I’m sorry for the bad experience you’re having. Unfortunately, this is one of the very few YUI Theater videos that I didn’t shoot and edit myself. The team that shot the video subsequently removed the downloadable version, and I don’t have a copy of it. My apologies. -Eric

  19. thanks for your reply, Eric. Ok, can you think of anything that might help me… maybe some software you know abt that can rip off this video? …or probably, any way to contact someone from the shooting team; they just might have a copy to lend me :) …or, anything else.. the video seems to be quite popular and I don’t want to miss it… thanks for your help

  20. Amit — No, I don’t know of any good solution for you other than to play the video from a different (higher-speed) connection at the next opportunity. Sorry about that. All of the recent work on YUI Theater has download options, and the most recent stuff I’m posting in HD…but the source file for this one is no longer available. -Eric

  21. Never mind, Eric. Thanks for letting me know.

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