Birthday Party! Celebrate the 2nd Birthday of the YUI Library and Yahoo Pattern Library February 26 at Yahoo

By YUI TeamJanuary 24th, 2008

Visit the event registration page on Upcoming to sign up for the YUI and Yahoo Pattern Libraries 2nd annual birthday event.

In February 2008, the YUI Library and the Yahoo Pattern Library turn two years old.

In those short two years, YUI has grown into a richly featured library that embodies some of the best of what HTML, CSS and JavaScript make possible in the browser. With a light, fast core, YUI empowers you to build your own solutions that support all A-Grade Browsers. And when you want to pull additional functionality off the shelf, YUI is there for you with more than 30 a la carte components that range in complexity from a simple JSON Utility to the powerful DataTable, Menu and Rich Text Editor. When big established brands like CBS Marketwatch, Southwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines,, and others join Yahoo in implementing YUI, you know you’ve got a library with traction, momentum, and critical mass. And when you see young companies like Gaia Online, Mint, and OurStory building the future of their business with YUI at the foundation, you know what motivates us to keep improving the library every day.

The Yahoo Pattern Library is the outgrowth of a long history of work at Yahoo and elsewhere. Bill Scott, now at NetFlix, took the Pattern Library “open” alongside YUI back in 2005, and it’s now under the stewardship of Christian Crumlish. But the library really draws from the creativity, inspiration, and effort of the full community of user-experience specialists at Yahoo, as well as from those of you in the community who work with Christian to improve upon and iterate the patterns. Christian is hard at work burnishing the existing patterns and creating new ones, and 2008 looks like another great year for this resource.


We’d like to invite the Yahoo Pattern Library and YUI Library communities to Yahoo for a modest birthday celebration on February 26, 2008, beginning at 5 p.m. on the main Yahoo campus in Sunnyvale. We’ve opened up registration for 150 guests on Upcoming, and signups will be on a first-come first-served basis. Registration is required due to limited space in our venue, so please sign up right away if you want to reserve yourself a spot.

Christian will give a short talk on the YPattern Library at 5:30 and the YUI Team will be updating you on plans for the coming year after that. Beer and some food will be served, and we’re looking forward to a mellow evening with lots of opportunities to mingle, share ideas, and hear what you all are up to.


  1. [...] can find out more about the party on the YUI blog and sign up for the party on [...]

  2. [...] can find out more about the party on the YUI blog and sign up for the party on [...]

  3. Congratulations! I really appreciate you, YUI.

  4. Happy birthday! Early but sincere.

  5. Happy birthday! I really hope you’ll live to not only see three, but four and five and many more years beyond it, too.
    Given the looming possibility of an MS acquisition, though, I don’t give you much hope. :| In which case I’d like to say a thank you for all that you’ve given us. YUI has been by far the most useful – and superbly documented – JavaScript toolkit out there. You’ve made my life a whole lot easier.

    Thanks, and good luck!

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  7. Does anyone know if there is still space to attend? Polka Networks is using YUI exclusively as our Widget Toolkit and Ajax solution, and we’d love to meet the team. Check out our Valentines Day app in the Yahoo Gallery if you’re curious.

  8. @Doug — Looks like there’s a few spaces left — sign up at . Looking forward to meeting you! -Eric