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By YUI TeamJune 5th, 2008

LinkedIn uses YUI throughout their site, so I recently sat down with three of their web developers to ask them about it. With the cameras rolling I asked Chris Saccheri (Director of Web Development, and their original web developer), Steve Ganz (Principal Web Developer), and Jamie Still how YUI fits into their development process, why they chose YUI, and what it’s like to work at LinkedIn (they’re hiring).

YUI allows LinkedIn to implement usability features that otherwise “wouldn’t have been possible within their regular development cycles.” It “helps us standardize [our code], simplifies everything, and takes care of all the cross-browsers issues so we don’t need to continually fight those ourselves.” Beyond those reasons, they picked YUI as their JavaScript library “because there’s a trust aspect there because it’s from Yahoo! and is therefore robust, and has been through the grind and tested on Yahoo!’s own high-traffic sites.”

Sorry, this video is no longer available.

As a personal fan and user of LinkedIn, I’m happy and proud to know YUI is playing a small part in their continuous evolution and improvement.

Thanks to Chris, Steve, Jamie and everybody at LinkedIn for taking the time to record this video!

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  1. I really like these ‘implementation focus’ posts. It’s really interesting to see how others are using YUI and makes me even more confident in my decision to go with YUI.

    Since looking for an autocomplete component for our custom in-house CRM system, I’ve been using YUI as a foundation for all our new web projects. The biggest, most public of these is our primary website, I recently redesigned the whole site and used YUI reset, CSS and grids.

    I estimate that using YUI reduced the redesign time by around 50%. This enabled me to really focus on the user experience as opposed to fiddling around with cross-browser compatibility issues.

    If you wish to feature LabHut in an upcoming ‘Implementation Focus’, I’d be happy to participate – just drop me an email.

  2. Administrator said:
    June 16, 2008 at 1:17 pm


    Thanks for the feedback on this category of posts. We’ll keep creating them!

    And congrats on your redesign. It makes me happy to read that YUI reduced your redesign time by 50%!


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