YUI 2.6.0 Support in Aptana Studio

By YUI TeamOctober 28th, 2008

Aptana sent a clear signal about how committed it was to the needs of frontend engineers when it hired Lori Hylan-Cho to work specifically on support in the Aptana IDE for popular frontend libraries. This is a challenging task, given the complexity of the library landscape. But these libraries (like YUI and jQuery) are an important asset for developers of web applications, and Aptana has shown that it’s going the extra mile for those developers.

Lori, working with Jon Ferraiolo, already has YUI 2.6.0 support built out for Aptana, and it’s a huge step forward from previous YUI plugins. Support is now provided across the full spectrum of YUI components and is driven by the same data that we use to build out our API documentation. Here’s Lori writing about the plugin on her Aptana blog:

The Yahoo! User Interface Library, better known as YUI, version 2.6.0 was released earlier this month, and is now supported by Aptana Studio. YUI 2.6.0 includes numerous fixes, enhancements, and optimizations; introduces a new Carousel Control; breaks the Paginator Control out from DataTable; and makes final eight components that were previously designated beta.

In addition, YUI 2.6.0 also includes a huge number of functional examples—all of which are available, along with code assist, code completion, built-in API documentation, and more, when you install the YUI 2.6.0 plugin for Aptana Studio.

Many thanks to Lori, Jon and the whole Aptana team for this work (which extends beyond YUI to many other popular JavaScript libraries). You can get started with the enhanced YUI support by downloading the free Aptana Studio.


  1. This is great. I’ve been wondering what was happening with Aptana and YUI thru the 2.5 release cycle. I use Aptana and the last YUI version to be integrated was 2.5.0 which was released on 2/20/2008. During the last the 8 month span none of the dot-fixes were integrated into Aptana (2.5.1 and 2.5.2).

    I hope in the future I hope that the dot-fix releases become integrated into Aptana.

  2. That’s the goal! By the time I came on 2.6 was already on the way, so I waited for that. I hope to keep up with minor releases going forward, however.

  3. While I’m not using aptana on any sort of a regular basis, I have checked it out and this definitely great news for YUI users.

    (I got used to another IDE before I found out about Aptana…)

    I do recommend Aptana to anyone that asks me what I think are good IDE’s. If you haven’t found an IDE for use in your programming toolbox, I’d highly recommend checking this one out.

    If you’re a Linux user, be prepared to either use Aptana as an eclipse plugin or you will need to install java.

    I found that using Aptana as a plugin was easier to get started with, but suffered from a pretty slow response time..
    And installing java in Linux isn’t the easiest thing to do. I never did get Aptana working as a standalone in Linux.

    In Windows, Aptana works just fine for me as a standalone program (the few times I’ve checked it out). I don’t however recommend using it with Eclipse unless you have a pretty good computer…