Yahoo! Open Tech Night Coming to Seattle

By YUI TeamJanuary 29th, 2009

Yahoo! is heading to Seattle this February to host Open Tech Night at the University of Washington. We’ll be showing off our new open platforms, spreading hack-fu with UW Hack U!, and featuring a very special keynote “JavaScript: The Good Parts” by our resident JavaScript guru, Douglas Crockford.

This is a great chance to hear about Yahoo!’s new APIs and new tools like YQL. Learn about building OpenSocial apps for Yahoo!’s vast audience and the social web while hanging out with Yahoo! engineers and thought leaders.

Event details are on Upcoming:

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hopefully you guys can maybe make it over to the East Side of the State sometime. I’d love to see Yahoo! in Pullman at WSU. Is there anyone in partciular at Yahoo! we should contact regarding consideration of an event like this?

  2. Which Y! engineers will be attending?

  3. +1
    I second that Eastern Washington vote!

  4. @Pat, Anyone in particular you were looking for?

    We’ll have technical Yahoos from the open search team, and from the YDN technical evangelism team, headed by Dan Theurer. Also Douglas Crockford, as noted, JavaScript Architect.

    @Jeff Craig, we’ll try and connect you with the Hack U program organizers to talk about the possibility of working together with folks at WSU. Thanks.