Welcome to the Yahoo! User Interface Blog

By YUI TeamFebruary 14, 2006

Let us be the first to welcome you to the brand new Yahoo! User Interface Blog. We’re excited to be here, and thrilled to have you with us.

This blog is the companion blog for two libraries we’re proudly releasing today. The new Yahoo! Design Pattern Library offers our thinking on common interface design issues for traditional and rich Internet applications. The new Yahoo! User Interface Library is a collection of industrial-grade JavaScript utilities and widgets that enable you to efficiently get the most out of today’s powerful browsers. In both cases, these are the exact same things that power Yahoo! today.

The two libraries each stand alone, but also complement the extensive Web Services offered by Yahoo! properties via the Yahoo! Developer Network (and others around the Web). With today’s release, we’re starting to tell a complete cover-to-cover story. A web service is one thing (and a pretty cool thing at that), but we believe it’s even more potent when combined with proven interfaces and enhanced with JavaScript and Ajax goodness.

The tagline on the Yahoo! Developer Network is "You bring the skills. We bring the ingredients." That’s never been more true than today. If you’ve already sunk your teeth into some tasty Web Services, maybe interaction design guidelines confirmed by hundreds of millions of users and extensive lab testing will be helpful. If you already live and breathe design, perhaps our powerful a la carte JavaScript libraries can add the special sauce to your dish. Some of the best food in the world is a blend of multiple cuisines; we can’t wait to see what you cook up with all these new ingredients.

We hope our humble libraries get you a step closer to your goal, whether that’s a funky Web 2.0 mashup, a small tool to make your life better, or the Next Big Thing.

The next two posts examine each library in more detail, but let me point out two things now. First, we’re happy to report that both libraries are totally free and wide open. The Yahoo! User Interface Library is released under the friendly BSD open-source license. The Yahoo! Design Pattern Library is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-By license.

Second, and most importantly, we’re looking forward to the conversation. The developers and designers of the libraries will be posting on this blog and reading the comments, and contributing on the respective mailing lists (ydn-javascript | ydn-patterns). It’s an exhilarating time to be creating things online, and we’re eager to go forward with you. Read more:

Thank You,
Nate Koechley, Bill Scott, and Eric Miraglia