Design Pattern: Transition

By YUI TeamMay 10, 2006

In this release of the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library we are offering a set of 11 patterns for creating visual transitions. These come under the umbrella of the Transition pattern.

There is no doubt that visual transitions can be abused. In fact, many of them could become in Web 2.0 what the <blink> tag became for Web 1.0.

We offer this set of patterns to help create a language around the various effects as well as hopefully provide some sane guidance to their use.

I recently wrote a detailed blog article on this topic. It's called Mind Hacking Visual Transitions. In it I explore what makes transitions work. Here's a hint: the brain has a special processing place for visual transitions! That's right. That's why ads are often so distracting. I invite you to read the article and then check out our set of Transition patterns.