Cheat Sheets for the YUI Utilities

By YUI TeamJune 2, 2006

Cheat Sheets are provided for each of the YUI Utilities.Comprehensive documentation for the YUI Library is found online at the YUI section of the Yahoo! Developer Connection website.

To supplement this online documentation, the YUI development team has begun drafting some cheat sheets — inspired by the handy references published by (nee ilovejackdaniels), among others — that give you a one-page dashboard of documentation for each of the library's components. When you find yourself elbow-deep in a coding problem, sometimes it's quicker to turn to these rather than firing up a browser to review documentation and examples. Moreover, reviewing the cheat sheets can help you discover hidden gems you didn't know were there. If you're wondering, for example, what the syntax is for batching a function on an element collection, the Dom Collection's cheat sheet might be enough to get you started:

One-page reference for the Dom Collection

These one-page references aren't comprehensive, but we think you'll find them valuable to have on hand. Today, draft references for each of the YUI Utility components (Event Utility, Dom Collection, Connection Manager, Drag and Drop, and Animation) are available:

Update 2006/08/03: I've updated the links here to point to the download area on the Yahoo Developer Network rather than at the YUI v.0.10 cheat sheet zip file. Since this post was made, YUI has incremented to 0.11 and a bunch of new cheat sheets have been added. The latest zip file should always be available from this location on YDN. -EM