Full Service: The Yahoo Developer Network and the Yahoo User Interface Library (book excerpt)

By YUI TeamJune 28, 2006

Download the free sample chapter of Christian Heilmann's new book on DOM scripting and AJAX. All of us at Yahoo! were excited this spring when long-time web developer and blogger Christian Heilmann joined our increasingly deep and talented frontend engineering team in London. Christian had been working for etoys, had been involved in the development of dozens of high-profile sites (including VisitBritain.com), and is the author of the well-regarded web-developer site ICant.co.uk.

Christian had also been working on a new book, Beginning JavaScript with Dom Scripting and Ajax, From Novice to Professional, which is now coming off the presses and is soon to appear in book stores. In Chapter 11 of the new book, Christian explores the YUI Library from an implementer's perspective and steps through a variety of code solutions using library components. We asked if we could share a free preview of the YUI section of the book here, and happily the editor at APress agreed.

Thanks to Christian and to Chris Mills, editor at APress, for allowing us to post the excerpt.