Minor YUI Release Today

By YUI TeamAugust 29, 2006

We released a minor update to the YUI Library today, fixing more than a dozen bugs across the suite. This brings YUI to version 0.11.3. You can download the update, along with comprehensive release notes, from SourceForge. (You can read more about what was new for the last major release, 0.11 in July, here on YUIBlog; our latest forward-looking roadmap for the YUI Library is available on the Yahoo! Group YDN-JavaScript.)

Along with this release, we're updating our YUI Cheat Sheets and broadening coverage to include additional components. Cheat Sheets are now available for the following YUI utilities and controls:

    Cheat Sheets, like this one for the Slider Control, are condensed one-page documents designed to help you get oriented to and get started with YUI components.
  • Animation
  • AutoComplete
  • Calendar
  • Connection Manager
  • Dom
  • Drag & Drop
  • Event
  • Logger
  • Panel
  • Slider
  • TreeView

As always, the latest and greatest Cheat Sheets can be downloaded in PDF format from the YUI Library website over at the Yahoo Developer Network. That's also the best place to go for all the latest YUI documentation — for each component, you'll find a detailed guide to its use, comprehensive API documentation, and a host of examples.