Yahoo! Developer Day Recap

By YUI TeamSeptember 30, 2006

Matt Sweeney addresses developers at the Yahoo Developer Day/Open Hack Day in Sunnyvale; Sept. 29, 2006

Yahoo's first Developer Day and Open Hack Day is well underway, with the Developer Day talks and workshops done and hacking now in seriously caffeinated progress. There was big news yesterday: Yahoo! Mail — with 247 million users — announced an API, the Yahoo! Developer Network announced a new user-authentication API, and some other APIs were enhanced (my favorite: Flickr is now offering JSON).

It was a big day for the YUI developer team. Nate Koechley kicked things off in the morning with a standing-room-only crowd exploring the YUI CSS toolkit, while Todd Kloots, Adam Moore, Steven Peterson, Allen Rabinovich, and Thomas Sha followed with additional workshops. Matt Sweeney gave one of the featured talks of the afternoon, "Web 2.0: Getting It Right the Second Time" (slides available here). More than 300 developers packed the conference building at Yahoo!'s Sunnyvale headquarters for the sessions, which led up to last night's concert by Beck on the lawn (the puppets were amazing, and there's a funky little video that Yahoo!'s and Beck's marketing people put together).

Many gallons of Red Bull have been consumed throughout the night, and hacks (including many using YUI) are being assembled this morning; we can't wait to see what everyone's cooked up when the show starts at 3 p.m.

For those who attended or who are interested in exploring some of the material the YUI team prepared for the Developer Day workshops, here are some links to lab files and presentations.