Video: Douglas Crockford, "An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the Dom"

By YUI TeamOctober 20, 2006

Update 20 October 2006: This video was originally posted with no link to the slide deck that Douglas uses in the talk. That deck is in PowerPoint format and can be downloaded here.

Douglas Crockford is Yahoo!'s leading JavaScript Architect. He has written extensively on JavaScript and has been among the protagonists of the JavaScript developer community for more than a decade. Douglas is the discoverer of the JSON data format and a frequent contributor to YUIBlog.

At Yahoo!, Douglas has been teaching a series of classes on the JavaScript programming language. These classes bear his unique style and perspective and benefit from the depth of his insights into the language and its application in the browser. We're beginning to make some of this content available internally on video and thought we would share it here as well. Please note that this is "user-generated content", not something created by the fancy and expensive studio where they make The 9 — this is the work of Yahoo! engineers simply trying to get interesting, free perspectives out there about the discipline of frontend engineering.

As always, Douglas's ideas and perspectives are his own, and the many flaws in videographic craftsmanship are mine.