YUI version 0.12.0: TabView Control, Improved API Documentation, and More

By YUI TeamNovember 14, 2006

Today we released version 0.12 of the YUI Library. Here are the highlights:

  • The TabView Control: Written by YUI Animation and Dom author Matt Sweeney, this dynamic tab solution is the newest YUI addition and features robust support both for progressive enhancement and for high-gloss richness. Check out Matt's roster of TabView examples for an idea of what the new control can do; view source on the examples to see how they're implemented.
  • Improved Documentation: YUI developer Adam Moore (Event, Drag & Drop, Slider, TreeView) has created a new tool for generating API documentation, allowing us to generate unified, crosslinked API docs with an integral AutoComplete-powered search control. The new API documents provide developers with a clearer picture of class structures and provide separate categorization for properties and configuration options. You may never go back to Cheat Sheets again...
  • ...But in Case You Still Like Cheat Sheets: Cheat Sheets are updated for version 0.12 and include new sheets for TabView and for Nate Koechley's CSS Reset, Fonts and Grids foundation. You can download all the YUI Cheat Sheets from the YUI Library website.
  • Speaking of CSS Grids: Nate has rev'd the Grids package with baked-in support for 750px, 950px, and full-viewport ("liquid") layouts. Grids 0.12 triples the number of supported layouts and still weights in under 3KB before gzipping. We've built the YUI website on the Reset/Fonts/Grids foundation now and we're making use use of the new full-viewport support.
  • Improvements Throughout the Library: There are enhancements to be found throughout the library, from Event's new onContentReady method to a significantly improved Calendar Control with a simplified interface for creating multi-month calendar displays (if you're upgrading from a previous version of Calendar, check out the step-by-step upgrade guide). For a full list of changes, see the release notes documentation that accompanies the distribution.

We'll follow up with more information on some of these topics later in the week. For now, please make your way to SourceForge to download the latest YUI distribution; see the release notes in the distribution for a full manifest of changes throughout the library. As always, the YUI site on the Yahoo! Developer Network has all the latest documentation.