Graded Browser Support: Q4 Update

By YUI TeamNovember 15, 2006

Approximately every three months we update the chart detailing which browsers receive A-grade support according to Graded Browser Support. In conjunction with yesterday's YUI update release, here is our browser support update for Q4 2006.

In summary: A-grade support begins for Firefox 2.0, and is reiterated for IE7. A-grade support is discontinued for IE 5.5 and Firefox 1.0. Seldom-used Gecko derivatives (e.g., Netscape and Mozilla Application Suite) now receive X-grade instead of A-grade support. Opera 9 now receives A-grade support on additional platforms.

In bullet form, here are all the changes in this update:

  1. Reiteration of A-grade support, IE 7, Win(XP)
  2. Termination of A-grade Support, IE5.5, Win
  3. Initiation of A-grade Support, Firefox 2.x, Win/Mac.
  4. Termination of A-grade Support, Firefox 1.0.x, Win/Mac.
  5. Expansion of A-grade support, Opera 9.x, Win/Mac
  6. Termination of A-grade support, Mozilla App Suite, Win/Mac
  7. Termination of A-grade support, Netscape, Win/Mac

Though you should always reference the official GBS chart hosted on the Yahoo! Developer Network, I've included a snapshot of this quarter's chart for posterity's sake:

Win 98 Win 2000 Win XP Mac 10.3.x Mac 10.4
IE 7.0 A-grade
IE 6.0 A-grade A-grade A-grade
Firefox 2.0.* A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade
Firefox 1.5.* A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade
Opera 9.* A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade
Safari 2.0* A-grade

Looking ahead to next quarter (2007Q1), we will reflect incremental releases of supported browsers but no major changes are anticipated.