Video: Douglas Crockford, "Advanced JavaScript"

By YUI TeamNovember 27, 2006

Last month, I posted some video taken from one of Douglas Crockford's presentations on frontend engineering (Video: Douglas Crockford, “An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the Dom”). Those who enjoyed Douglas's deep-dive into the DOM may be interested also in his "Advanced JavaScript" presentation, now publicly available on Yahoo! Video. In this presentation — the third of a three-part series he has been teaching at Yahoo! — Douglas looks closely at code patterns from which JavaScript programmers can choose in authoring their applications. He compares familiar constructs like the Pseudoclassical Pattern with more unique patterns like the Parasitic Pattern that (he argues) run more "with the grain" of JavaScript. When Brendan Eich spoke at Yahoo this summer he described Douglas as "Yoda of lambda programming and JavaScript"; after watching "Advanced JavaScript," you may have a clear sense of where that sentiment comes from.

It bears repeating that Douglas's ideas and perspectives are his own and that the many flaws in videographic craftsmanship are mine.