Screencast: Ross Harmes's YUI Bundle for Textmate

By YUI TeamDecember 1, 2006

Ross HarmesRoss Harmes is a frontend engineer who works in the Yahoo! Small Business group. Ross recently released a YUI "bundle" for the Mac OS X code editor TextMate; the bundle provides syntax highlighting, code completion, and integrated documentation retrieval within TextMate. He stopped by the YUI team offices today to show us how it works, and he was kind enough to let us capture that information in the form of a short (~9 minute) screencast.

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For best results, download the 800x600 screencast (~13MB) and view it in your QuickTime Player. The embedded version below is scaled down to fit within the blog and loses picture quality as a result. If your system does not support QuickTime, a lower-resolution version of the screencast is available on Yahoo! Video.