Screencast: Jon Chambers of Thinkature on Developing with YUI

By YUI TeamDecember 15, 2006

Jon Chambers, co-founder of Thinkature Co-founder Jon Chambers of YCombinator startup Thinkature has built one of the most ambitious YUI implementations to-date, a multiparty collaborative ideation space that includes whiteboarding, text/voice chat, and much more; TechCruch reviewed Thinkature's approach to visual collaboration in this November 2006 article. Jon Skyped in to give us a tour of the Thinkature interface and to talk about the role YUI played in the product's development. The screencast was recorded on my Mac in Sunnyvale with Jon in Boston while we shared control of a sample Thinkature workspace.

You'll find many YUI components (including Event, Connection Manager, Drag & Drop and Animation) being put to work in the Thinkature application.

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For the optimal viewing experience, download the full-resolution screencast and view it in QuickTime Player. The embedded version below is scaled down for lower-bandwidth connections and plays within Yahoo! Video's Flash-based player.

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