Video: Developer Todd Kloots Talks about the YUI Menu Control

By YUI TeamJanuary 2, 2007

The YUI Menu Control has proven to be one of the most useful and important components of the YUI Library. It offers three different interaction styles:

  1. Classic Menus: Classic menus, also known as "flyout menus", are vertically-aligned with submenus flying out to the side when an item is selected;
  2. Context Menus: Context menus are classic-style menus invoked by performing a special triggering action, usually a right-click, on a target object;
  3. Application-style Menus: Made familiar in the desktop software paradigm, application style menus — or Menu Bars — consist of a horizontal row of menu items, each of which can trigger a classic-style (vertically aligned) menu when selected.

In this 25-minute video, YUI Menu Control author Todd Kloots introduces the Menu Control, its three supported interaction styles, and its common implementation patterns.

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For best results, click through to view the video on Yahoo! Video directly; once there, you can pause the video and let it download entirely for uninterrupted playback even on a slow connection.

For those who require a portable video format, an iPod-compatible version of this video can be downloaded here.