Free Excerpt: Nicholas Zakas on YUI Connection Manager, from Professional Ajax 2nd Edition

By YUI TeamMarch 3, 2007

Yahoo!'s Nicholas Zakas is the author of two excellent books from WROX Press. His fist book, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, is a volume we rely on at Yahoo! for internal training classes on JavaScript. Nicholas's second book with WROX is Professional Ajax, the 2nd Edition of which has just been released.

In this new edition, Nicholas spends part of Chapter 4 exploring the YUI Connection Manager. He dives into its usage and steps through the implementation of asynchronous XMLHttp requests including the passing of arguments, form handling, callbacks, scope, timeouts and more. This chapter also includes a look at Connection Manager's file upload feature. With his cogent style and clear examples, Nicholas provides a wonderful introduction to the Connection Manager and how to use it as the basis of your ajax-driven workflow.

We asked Wrox Sr. Acquisitions Editor Jim Minatel, Nicholas's editor, if we could share a PDF version of this content on YUIBlog, and he graciously agreed. Thanks to Jim (and to Nicholas) for letting us make this available: