Welcoming Mike Lee and Dav Glass to the YUI Team

By YUI TeamMarch 29, 2007

Mike LeeWe're pleased to welcome two new members to the YUI team — Mike Lee and Dav Glass. Both are moving from other roles at Yahoo!, and each brings to the team a unique set of talents.

Mike has been at Yahoo! since 2002 and is among the small group of engineers who established frontend engineering as a discipline here. He has been an engineer and engineering manager for some of our most important sites, including yahoo.com and my.yahoo.com. He brings to YUI a passion for ensuring that what we build is what is most needed by web developers. One of our goals — really, a goal of all open-source projects — is to be more responsive to the community and more communicative about roadmaps, releases, and community processes. With his knowledge of the industry broadly as well as his depth as an engineer, Mike will help us do just that.

Dav Glass; photo by Steve CarlsonAlso joining the YUI team is Dav Glass. Dav is a well known figure in the YUI community already. As one of the most frequent contributors to our forums (with a staggering 307 helpful posts as of this morning), and as the author of one of the most useful YUI-oriented blogs, Dav has distinguished himself as an influential, talented, and prolific contributor to the project. Now that YUI has his full attention, we expect only more of the same. Dav, we couldn't be happier to have you with us.

In addition to Mike and Dav, here's a quick snapshot of where the YUI team stands today. Note: Someone asked me at conference the other day how big our "YUI documentation team" is. The answer: 0. The people listed here who engineer the library also write the docs, provide support in the forums, do tools development, and everything else that goes into supporting a project like YUI.

Name YUI Component Ownership
Satyen Desai Satyen Desai
  • Calendar
Jenny Han Donnelly Jenny Han Donnelly
  • AutoComplete
  • DataSource
  • DataTable
  • Logger
Todd Kloots Todd Kloots
Nate Koechley Nate Koechley
  • CSS Reset
  • CSS Fonts
  • CSS Grids
  Adam Moore
  • Event
  • Drag & Drop
  • Slider
  • TreeView
  • YAHOO Global Object
Thomas Sha Thomas Sha
  • Connection Manager
  • YUI project founder and director
Matt Sweeney Matt Sweeney
  • Animation
  • Dom
  • Element
  • TabView