YUI Theater — David Weinberger in Conversation with Bradley Horowitz

By YUI TeamMay 13, 2007

This is a little bit off our usual beat here on YUIBlog, but when David Weinberger (author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined and one of the most consistently engaging voices in the technosphere) stops by Yahoo! to talk about the world, its people, and their relationship to information...well, that seems like something worth sharing. David dropped in to have a wide-ranging conversation with Yahoo's Bradley Horowitz with topics spinning out from David's new book, Everything Is Miscellaneous.

Among many important insights, here's the essense of David's thesis in the new book: Categories are now applied to content when it is extracted from the infospace, whereas historically curators of information (such as librarians) have invested immense energy in organizing information on its way in. Here are a few additional nuggets to look forward to in the dialogue:

  • David argues that we are moving into a post-Aristotilean posture with respect to how information is organized, overthrowing a regime of philosophy that held for two millennia.
  • Everything has to have a place in a physical library. Given that so many of our ideas ore written on on paper, we have regimes of power. People who control the information have the power.
  • But "the book [Everything Is Miscellaneous] is an argument against the sense that there's a right way to organize the world."
  • "The instinct that built the internet is, 'You want to post it, post it.' We'll figure out later how to find it. We'll invent as many techniques as we possibly can to help you find it."

Video of the conversation is available in an embeddable and platform-agnostic Flash format (embedded below) and as an iPod-compatible download. (If your computer doesn't recognize the .m4v file, try renaming it to .mp4.

Havi Hoffman shot still photos at the event; you can find her images on Flickr.

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