YUI Theater — Nicholas Zakas: "Maintainable JavaScript"

By YUI TeamMay 25, 2007

We were fortunate in 2006 to convince Nicholas Zakas to come to Yahoo to be part of the My Yahoo! team (which with Nicholas's help has rolled out several important releases recently). We knew Nicholas from his work on Professional Ajax and Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, the latter of which we've often used here in training sessions. We were lucky to get him — we had to trade several future first-round picks to the Patriots, but it was worth it. (Sorry, Nicholas, about your Pats this year...)

Since his arrival, Nicholas has been supporting engineers throughout Yahoo with a series of tech talks on JavaScript, and I'm happy to be able to share one of those with you here. In this talk on "Maintainable JavaScript," Nicholas walks through some of his common-sense guidelines as well as some more nuanced advice about how to engineer products that are both performant and maintainable.

Video of Nicholas's lecture is available in an embeddable and platform-agnostic Flash format (embedded below) and as an iPod-compatible download. (If your computer doesn't recognize the .m4v file, try renaming it to .mp4).

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