YUI Theater — Grady Booch: "The Promise, the Limits, the Beauty of Software"

By YUI TeamMay 29, 2007

Grady Booch, IBM Fellow

Software development has been, is, and I believe will remain fundamentally very hard. We have been able to build things we could not have conceived of some years ago because we have improved in our practices and our processes and our tools and in our languages. But every time we've overcome those barriers we realize we want to build more and more complex things. And, for many economically interesting systems, the problem is now one of scale. Not just computational scale or platform scale but scale of the sheer amounts of software that we have.
— Grady Booch

Grady Booch is an IBM Fellow and the author of numerous books on software design and architecture as well as volumes on UML (which he co-developed with Ivar Jacobsen and James Rumbaugh). Last week, Grady stopped by Yahoo! to meet with Yahoo! software architects and, while here, he gave an open lecture for engineers. This is a version of a lecture originally given to the British Computer Society in honor of Alan Turing.

While Grady doesn't look specifically at frontend engineering in this talk, the migration of software logic and complexity into the web browser in rich internet applications means that fundamental tenets of software architecture are increasingly relevant to the world of web development. For those of you who are working with YUI (or other UI libraries/technologies), I think you'll find Grady's insights about software unique, germane, and invaluable. Many thanks to Grady for allowing us to air the video here.

Video of Grady's lecture is available in an embeddable and platform-agnostic Flash format (embedded below) and as an iPod-compatible download. (If your computer doesn't recognize the .m4v file, try renaming it to .mp4).

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