YUI Theater — Karo Caran and Victor Tsaran: "Introduction to Screen Magnifiers"

By YUI TeamJune 13, 2007

Picture of Karo Caran and Victor Tsaran from the video's opening. Click here to watch the video on Yahoo! Video.

With the goal of better understanding how people interact with the Web via various types of Assistive Technology (AT) — and what that might mean for developers and designers — Karo Caran takes us on a 16 minute overview of screen magnification software (in this case ZoomText) and how it is used by partially-sighted users to interact with the Web. Karo shows you the basic toolkit and then applies those tools to some typical web sites to give you some perspective on how she uses magnification software while she browses the web.

Though screen readers get most of the press, it's good to remember that it's not the only AT game in town.

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Technical Notes

A downloadable and iPod-compatible MPEG version of this video is available for download. The .m4v file format we've used for this video (and many others in the YUI Theater) signifies that it is an MPEG-4 file with video; if you're not downloading to view on an iPod, and/or are using a system that doesn't recognize the .m4v extension, try renaming the file to .mp4.