YUI Theater — Steve Souders: "High Performance Web Sites: 14 Rules For Faster Pages"

By YUI TeamSeptember 4, 2007

Steve's book, with forward by YUI engineer Nate Koechley, is due out soon from O'Reilly.Steve Souders is Yahoo's chief guru in the art and science of web performance and the author of the YSlow plugin for Firebug; he is the author of High Performance Web Sites, a forthcoming title from O'Reilly (bonus points if you can guess which animal O'Reilly's editors chose for the cover of this one without looking at the picture to the right...). For the past three years, Steve has led a team investigating the root causes of poor page performance and applying the lessons learned to Yahoo!'s high-traffic, media-rich properties.

Over the past year, Steve has worked with Tenni Theurer (author of a four-part YUIBlog series on performance: part one | part two | part three | part four) and their Exceptional Performance team to hone the message. Last week, Steve reprised at Yahoo his recent OSCON talk which is derived from the past three years of research.

The details of this research are documented in Tenni's articles (linked above) and in the Exceptional Performance section of the Yahoo! Developer Network website, so I won't reiterate those here. Many thanks to Steve for his continuing advocacy on this subject and for allowing us to sharing his talk on YUI Theater.

This video is available in Flash format on Yahoo! Video and as an MPEG-4, iPod-compatible (and iPhone-compatible!) download (change the extension from .m4v to .mp4 if your video software doesn't recognize the extension).

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