New pattern (Vote to Promote), new navigation

By YUI TeamSeptember 5, 2007
thumbnail of a Digg page, the canonical example of the Vote to Promote patternThings have been quiet recently in Yahoo's open pattern library, but behind the scenes we've been working on some cool stuff. First of all, we've reorganized the navigation for Yahoo!'s internal library and have now updated the navigation of the public library to match. We've done away with the first-order distinction of "User needs to" and "Application needs to." In the interests of fostering a user-centered (or, if you prefer, customer-centric) design perspective, we have reclassified all of the patterns in terms of a set of high-level user needs, because we feel that even things the application (or designer) "needs" to do must be driven ultimately by satisfying the need of an end-user. Currently, the top-level categories in the new organizational scheme include Search, Navigate, Read, Select, Interact, Give Feedback, and Customize. A few more will probably appear as we roll out additional patterns. Speaking of which, we are publishing a new pattern today, Vote to Promote, which is our interpretation of the best way to incorporate a scheme to allow your users to vote up content, whether content native to your application or identified elsewhere (as with Digg and Reddit). Vote to Promote was written by Bryce Glass, a senior interaction designer on our community platform team. It's the first in a series of "social media" patterns we've been working on now for much of this year, and you can expect a bunch more to appear over the next few months. Vote to Promote is also the first pattern to include a "pattern gallery." One bit of feedback we hear a lot - from you and from designers inside Yahoo! - is that more illustrations are better. This may sometimes show up in the form of diagrams, schematics, and templates. But each new pattern we release from now on will also feature a set of example images captured from across the Internet and displayed via Flickr. Check out the Vote to Promote pattern gallery and feel free to suggest additional examples. Let us know what you think of the new navigation scheme and the latest addition to the library. Thanks!