YUI Version 2.3.1: Bug-Fix Release

By YUI TeamSeptember 19, 2007

YUI 2.3.1 is now available as a download from SourceForge.We're pleased to announce today the release of YUI version 2.3.1, a minor release that is characterized by bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the library. Several dozen bugs are addressed in 2.3.1. The new release is available for download immediately.

Here's what you need to know about YUI 2.3.1:

  1. Rich Text Editor (beta): YUI developer Dav Glass brings serious performance improvements to the YUI RTE, among the only full-featured RTEs to attempt full A-Grade browser support. Dav has continued his focus on this important component and has responded to your detailed feedback. In 2.3.1, several important bugs have been eliminated and improvements throughout the component have yielded major performance gains. We're not done yet — this is still a beta — but I think you'll be really gratified at how quickly Dav is progressing in this very challenging arena.
  2. DataTable (beta): Jenny Han Donnelly continues her intensive work on the YUI DataTable Control in 2.3.1. This version of DataTable features, among other things, CSS updates for better support of resizable columns. Moreover, Jenny has resolved issues surrounding the selection model, and she has addressed a number of issues throughout the remainder of the API.
  3. General Bug Fixes: The major 2.3.0 release of July 31, 2007, has generally proved solid, but this release addresses a number of issues that were associated with that release. For full details of fixes throughout the library, see the README files accompanying each library component or refer to YUI Program Manager Georgiann Puckett's detailed release manifest on YDN-JavaScript.

On behalf of Satyen Desai, Jenny Han Donnelly, Dav Glass, Julien Lecomte, Todd Kloots, Nate Koechley, Matt Mlinac, Adam Moore, Georgiann Puckett, Thomas Sha, Matt Sweeney, and Nicholas Zakas, we hope you enjoy this release. We're excited to turn our attention to 2.4.0, due before the end of the year, with a couple of nice additions to round out YUI's feature set. In the meantime, we look forward to your feedback on 2.3.1.