YDN Theater — Douglas Crockford: "The State of Ajax"

By YUI TeamNovember 7, 2007

Dougls Crockford presents

We've been posting Douglas's talks here on YUIBlog for awhile now, and we're happy to carry on this tradition with his latest presentation, "The State of Ajax". In this session, Douglas looks at Ajax in its historical context to help focus attention on the trends and traditions out of which Ajax has grown. He then turns to the virtues and vulnerabilities of Ajax as it's currently embodied on the web, including in manifestations like mashups:

One of the things that Ajax has enabled are mashups, and mashups are the most interesting innovation in software development in at least 20 years. Mashups are the fulfillment of the promise of compenent architecture and highly reusable modules. Mashups are great, providing a whole new class of interactivity and value. Unfortunately, mashups are insecure, so when we're designing mashups now we have to be careful that the mashups not have access to any confidential information. And it turns out every page contains confidential information, so mashups as currently practiced in the browser are inherently insecure. Security is a big problem in the web. I think it's our no. 1 big problem. The web is an exploit waiting to happen.

In short, Douglas argues, the browser needs to go forward for the web to go forward. And we have a long way to go: "We're so far from state of the art," he says, "we can't even see the state of the art from here." Without further ado:

Special thanks to Ricky Montalvo, videographer for the new YDN Theater (a successor to YUI Theater), for shooting and editing Douglas's talk.

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