Caridy Patiño Mayea's Bubbling Library Updated

By YUI TeamNovember 7, 2007

Caridy Patiño Mayea has updated his BSD-licensed Bubbling Library running on top of YUI 2.3.1:

This minor release is focused in the correction of a series of bugs, the inclusion of new examples, and the introduction of a new widget.

The following components are updated with this release:

  • Bubbling Core: Included a generic communication mechanism for widget2widget, browser2widget and widget2server messages.
  • Dispatcher: New moments included (onStart, onLoad, onError), and an improved mechanism for multiple areas in the same page.
  • Wizard: Improved mechanism for multiple submitions, now clearing the YUI Connection Manager form's data after each transaction.

This release introduces a new widget called Loading Mask; you can see it in action in the examples.

Also, this release comes with an update of the list of official examples, and every control and plugin of the bubbling library ships with a series of examples that illustrate its implementation. These examples can serve as starting points for your exploration of the Bubbling Library, as code snippets to get you started in your own programming. Also, you can navigate through the API documentation, and you will be able to explore these examples component-by-component; on this page you'll find the full index of library examples with a link to and short description of each one.

Caridy also posted a couple of new accordion menu treatments that use his Bubbling Library on top of YUI:

Caridy notes that you can add any YUI control in each expandable area with any of these menu examples.