YDN Theater — Julien Lecomte: "High Performance Ajax Applications"

By YUI TeamDecember 20, 2007

Julien Lecomte of Yahoo delivers a tech talk on high-performance Ajax web-development.

Julien Lecomte, author of the YUI Compressor and the YUI Browser History Manager, recently gave a talk at Yahoo on the creation of high-performance DHTML applications.

In this talk, Julien covers several major performance topics:

  • Developing for high performance
  • High performance page load
  • High performance JavaScript
  • High performance DHTML
  • High performance layout and CSS
  • High performance Ajax
  • Performance measurement tools

Julien was kind enough to let us shoot video, and Ricky Montalvo from the Yahoo! Developer Network did the editing. I know Julien would love to hear your questions and feedback in the comments section.

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