Happy Holidays from the YUI Team

By YUI TeamDecember 25, 2007

The YUI Team. From Left: Satyen Desai, Georgiann Puckett, Nate Koechley, Lucas Pettinati, Adam Moore, Douglas Crockford, Thomas Sha (behind the sign), Luke Smith, Matt Sweeney, Jenny Donnelly, and Dav Glass.

From everyone on the YUI team here at Yahoo, and from the extended family of frontend engineers at Yahoo that contribute to the project in so many ways, happy holidays to you. We hope the new year brings you happiness and serenity and new opportunities to challenge yourself both online and off.

2008 promises to be a fascinating year for projects like YUI, for companies like ours (and probably yours), and for the internet at large. We all look forward to sharing with you our thoughts about what's happening here on YUIBlog and learning from you in turn in the comments, on your own blogs, in the YUI community forum, and at the various conferences and events throughout the world where our paths cross.

In the meantime, we wish you all a most relaxing and refreshing respite from making pixels do what they're told. See you in 2008.

-Eric, Adam, Dav, George, Jenny, Luke, Matt, Nate, Satyen, Thomas, Todd