Satyam's DataTable Examples Updated for 2.5.0

By YUI TeamFebruary 22, 2008

YUI superstar community contributor Satyam.Satyam, one of the esteemed cornerstones of the YUI community, has been busy since yesterday's YUI 2.5.0 release — his independent examples collection for the DataTable Control is already up-to-date with the 2.5.0 changes that Jenny Han Donnelly and Luke Smith have made for that component.

From Satyam himself:

I've just finished uploading my DataTable examples for 2.5.0. The index now has links to both the 2.4 version and the the 2.5 and comments specific to the new version which you might want to read about. I still have to fix a few things in the new ones, but they work, more or less.

Continuing thanks to Satyam from all of us here for his many contributions.