Pattern-mining call for proposals: Rich interaction (web 2.0) patterns

By YUI TeamMarch 28, 2008

Tim OReilly's web 2.0 patterns meme map

Dragos Manolescu from Microsoft Live Labs and Joe Yoder from The Refactory are organizing a pattern-mining workshop at TOOLS 2008 Europe, July 5-6 (dates still to be confirmed) in Zurich, Switzerland. I've agreed to be on the program committee to help review proposals and advice.

In their own words:

Web 2.0 features are now commonplace — blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, social bookmarking and the like are almost everywhere you look online. Now that these technologies are maturing, what are their common problems and challenges? How are these problems being solved? What similar challenges do Web 2.0 developers face, and how can they leverage the most common solutions? Here’s your chance to gather with other professionals facing the same issues and work together to identify solutions.

We are looking for system experts, domain experts, and pattern experts to come together, bring examples, detect commonalities, and write patterns. Proposals are due May 5.

See the call for proposals for more details.