Sample Chapter from Dan Wellman's "Learning the Yahoo! User Interface Library"

By YUI TeamApril 10, 2008

The cover of Dan Wellman's new book on the YUI Library.As we mentioned in a recent "In the Wild" post, the first book dedicated solely to YUI has hit the shelves: Dan Wellman's Learning the Yahoo! User Interface Library from Packt Publishing.

Dan takes on a broad subset of topics in this volume. Dan and the team at Packt were kind enough to let us share a sample chapter with you here to give you a sense of Dan's approach to YUI — an approach that emphasizes clear explanations, practical examples, and lots of sample code. In this sample, Dan explores Thomas Sha's YUI Connection Manager (our wrapper for XHR/Ajax) and shows you how to build both a News Reader application and Login application. This should give you a good flavor for what the remainder of the book holds:

In the book, Dan covers the following outline in his tour of YUI:

  • Explore the YUI Library—utilities, controls, core files, and CSS tools
  • Install the library and get up and running with it
  • Handle DOM manipulation and scripting
  • Get inside Event Handling with YUI
  • Create consistent web pages using YUI CSS tools
  • Work with Containers—implementation, skinning, adding transitions, and tabs
  • Debug, maintain, and update applications with the Logger control
  • Examples included in the book:
    • Calendar interface
    • Autocomplete
    • Creating panels
    • Dialogs
    • Custom tooltips
    • Forms
    • Split button
    • TreeView Control
    • Browser History Manager with Calendar
    • Simple animation
    • Custom animation
    • Creating tabs and adding content dynamically
    • Dragging and dropping
    • Implementing sliders
    • Logger at work
    • Logging custom classes

We've got our first few copies going around here among the YUI development team and it's been a great pleasure to see the care and thought Dan and Packt put into the volume. The book can be ordered directly from Packt in bound or e-book form. It's also available from Amazon.