YUI Theater — Dav Glass: "Rich Text Editing with YUI"

By YUI TeamApril 14, 2008

YUI Senior Engineer Dav Glass talks about the YUI Rich Text Editor in an April 2008 tech talk.

Dav Glass, author of the YUI Rich Text Editor (as well as Resize, ImageCropper, and Layout Manager), gave a talk at Yahoo! last week about rich text editing in YUI.

In this talk, Dav covers three key topics:

  • Implementing the light Simple Editor;
  • Adding the rich elements that are important to you, all the way up to the full Editor implementation with its rich buttons and menus;
  • Hacking the editor and the toolbar.

The presentation materials, including the deck and all links discussed in the video, are available from Dav's website.

download (m4v)

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