inputEx — a YUI-based Forms Utility

By YUI TeamMay 9, 2008

Click through to visit the announcement for inputEx v. 0.1.0

Parisian coder Eric Abouaf (aka "Neyric") released version 0.1.0 of his YUI-based forms library, inputEx.

As of this release, inputEx supports only client-side-generated views — form fields are configured in a JSON format and created for you on the fly. Eric identifies the following unique features in inputEx:

  • complex data structures (list/objects/tree/list of urls/objects of objects etc…)
  • composition between the fields (for “meta”-fields such as InPlaceEdit, List, Tree, Pair, …)
  • javascript object mapping for greater interactivity
  • a common “updated” event to handle different browsers and different field interactions

Eric has API docs, a Getting Started tutorial, examples, and more on the website. He's looking for contributors, if you're interested in extending the library; check out the website for full details on the project.