Two Job Openings on the YUI Team

By YUI TeamMay 14, 2008

The YUI Team at Yahoo is set to grow — we've opened up two new engineering positions to help improve, evolve, and expand YUI. Interested? Email your resume, including portfolio URLs, to yui-jobs /at/ yahoo /dash/ inc /dot/ com. (Principals only; no recruiters, please.)

Here's what we're looking for in these positions:

  • A passion for the web and for building great web-based products;
  • A profound understanding of the frontend discipline (JavaScript, CSS, semantic markup, XHR, etc.);
  • The ability to design, build, evangelize and support fantastic APIs for web developers;
  • The empathy to care deeply about how developers make use of your work and to be driven to help the YUI community thrive.

Full job descriptions for the positions are here and here.

We've had the privilege to be with this team from its early months when it was organized to help Yahoo develop and curate a world-class library of JavaScript and CSS code. Some of Yahoo's most talented engineers — people like Matt Sweeney and Nate Koechley — have also been with the group since those early months. In the three years since its inception, more great engineers have joined us. YUI's founder and first architect, Thomas Sha, continues to direct the project. We get to work every day with people like Douglas Crockford, the creator of JSON, and Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP. It's no place for hobbyist coders, but if you take seriously the idea of the web as a place to create great software it's a singularly energizing community in which to work.

If that sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.