Reid Burke's Scrolling TabView

By YUI TeamMay 21, 2008

Reid Burke of IdeaRefuge writes in with a new YUI implementation that tweaks the standard "stacked" spatial orientation of a tab control and replaces with a scrolling orientation (either horizontal or vertical). In his own words:

I've created a YUI addon, ScrollTabView, that allows you to transition between TabView content with a Scroll animation.

This allows you to use YUI's tabs to create an effect similar to:

You can specify your own direction (horizontal or vertical), animation duration, and easing as attributes. Complicated styles are all applied automatically — just use it like a normal TabView.

View examples of ScrollTabView in action and grab the code here.

Direct links to examples and code:

It's all available under a BSD License — so feel free to use it for your own projects!

Reid's work builds on top of Matt Sweeney's YUI TabView Control and Animation Utility.