Mojarra Scales — New JSF Component Library Supporting Numerous YUI Components

By YUI TeamMay 29, 2008

Read the official Mojara Scales Release Candidate announcement.

Jason Lee announced the Release Candidate of Mojarra Scales, a new JSF component library that provides support for YUI Charts, Menus, Calendars, Rich Text Editors, Sliders, TabViews and TreeViews (demos of these components and others are available). From the announcement:

I am pleased to announce the first release candidate of Mojarra Scales 1.0, a new JSF component set. Mojarra Scales started out as the Sandbox for the JSF RI (now known as Mojarra) and was recently promoted to its own project. The component set includes a tab view, several menu controls, JavaScript charts, a multi-file upload control, the first (as far as we can tell) free JSF rich text editor control, as well as several other visual controls. Additionally, Scales offers a simple, easy to use pretty URL component, allowing JSF applications to offer search engine-friendly "deep links."

Congratulations to Jason, Ken and Ryan on the launch.