A YUI Grids-based WordPress Theme — YUI Autogrid Minimal

By YUI TeamJuly 2, 2008

As I had to upgrade my personal blog to the newest WordPress version (and my old theme had been hacked to death), I chose to start from scratch with a WordPress theme.

[You can download the new theme here.]

As I am a lazy person and I think blogging is first and foremost about content and availability, I wanted to re-use as much as possible the good stuff other people have done and then tweak it a bit to fit my needs.

Voilå! YUI autogrid minimal, a WordPress theme based heavily on YUI's Grids CSS and Base CSS with a few changes to fit the HTML that WordPress creates for you.

To work around the issue of YUI Grids being optimized for a certain resolution, I used the autogrids trick blogged here previously.

This is what this WordPress theme gives you:

  • clean, simple markup
  • a grids layout that changes with the available browser space
  • a fixed right side menu for easy access of the search and pages
  • an hCard in the footer to download to Outlook or Mail
  • Nice, easy-to-read typography without any fancy distractions

What it does not give you (as I hadn't had time to look into these):

  • Ajax that nobody really needs
  • the new WordPress enhancements like the dynamic sidebar
  • pop-up comments (come on, this is 2008!)

You can see a few messier, older versions of this theme at work on my personal blog and on Scripting Enabled, the event I am organising about accessibility hacking later this year.