In the Wild for November 7, 2008

By YUI TeamNovember 7, 2008

Here's what we noticed in the last week or so in the world of YUI — as always, please use the comments area to let us know what we missed.

  • YUI Sightings — and Other Newspaper/Consumer Media Outlets: We've seen YUI adoption increasing among consumer media sites and online newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post. We noticed recently that (and the affiliated has joined that group with an impressive array of YUI components helping to power the site's UI. (Nate twittered recently that the Denver Post is also using YUI and hosting YUI from Yahoo's CDN.) We're also thrilled that local papers in the Media News Group like the San Jose Mercury News the Santa Cruz Sentinel are YUI users.
  • New YUI Group on Facebook: Asvin Balloo of Mauritius created a new YUI group on Facebook which provides another useful place to keep up with YUI news and notes and to network with other members of the YUI community.
  • YUI — Local Combo Handler: Dav created a new "local combo handler" based on Steve Clay and Ryan Grove's Minify project, and in his writeup he shows you how to wire this up to YUI Loader to take advantage of YUI Loader's combo-handling support while still serving files directly from your own server (instead of the Yahoo CDN).
  • YUI Test — The New Kid on Block: Ted Husted of Van Damme Associates, and one of the earliest active members on the YUI Community Forums, posted a new tutorial on YUI Test.  Ted articulates some of the key differentiators for YUI Test versus, say, JSUnit, and he also emphasizes the crucial point that YUI Test (like YUI Compressor), though part of YUI, is designed to support your work not just on YUI-based code but on any JavaScript code based on any (or no) toolkit.
  • Animation Widget — Slide Out From Top of Viewport: Mint's Matt Snider has written up an animation widget that emulates the "sheets" behavior in Mac OS X. Sheets are dialogs that descend from the top of the window to which they're attached -- in a web app, that would often be the viewport, and that's how Matt has coded up his examples.
  • Multiple Calendars With Linked Input Fields All Using a Single Widget: Prolific YUI community contributor Bret Levy wrote an excellent new tutorial for the Calendar Control. This tutorial, he writes, is "intended to help users get the most out of the YUI Calendar control. The calendar control is a unique 'widget' because it is actually a complete 'window'. That is, it is not an element added in the flow of your page — it is specifically designed to be a 'popup' element. What most people find they want to do is have multiple calendar popups on a page, and furthermore, have 'linked' user input fields for each input. In doing so, it is important to consider the efficiency of the solution, specifically, it is desirable to have a single calendar 'widget'. This [tutorial shows] you how to accomplish this goal, with a play-by-play commentary on the code that allows this to happen."
  • GrailsUI — More YUI Love for Grails Users: From the website: "GrailsUI (GUI) is a plugin that provides an extensive tag library of rich ajax components based on the Yahoo! UI (YUI) JavaScript library and a YUI extension called the Bubbling Library. It has been designed for ease-of-use as well as configurability." (Original source.)
  • Nate Koechley on Grids CSS and W3C Validation: YUI community member "norman" posted a question to the forum about his experiences trying to validate YUI Grids using the W3C CSS Validator. Nate Koechley (Grids's author) replied with a deep-dive on this issue that is likely of interest to anyone using the YUI CSS foundation (Reset, Fonts, and Grids).
  • Using GrailsUI DataTable Tag: Matt Taylor writes: "The GUI dataTable is the most complicated tag to set up, because there is a lot of data configuration required. You have to correctly set up the column definitions in the tag, and you have to set up the controller to serve up the proper data." His detailed tutorial is just what you need to get started using YUI DataTable with GrailsUI.
  • Sun's New SocialSite Dashboard Gadget Using YUI: Dave Johnson on Sun's SocialSite blog talks about the second milestone of the SocialSite project: "M2 build is the first-cut of our new Dashboard Gadget, which is the place where a SocialSite user can respond to friend and group membership requests, search the social graph and more. As I mentioned yesterday, it's written using JavaScript, Open Social Templates and YUI components."
  • Popular JavaScript Framework Libraries: An Overview: Rob Gravelle has written up a review of jQuery, YUI and Mochikit for, providing a high-level overview of each. It's always interesting to see a new take on this established pattern of comparison that has emerged over the past several years.
  • AutoComplete with Stripes and YUI: Freddy Daoud wrote up a tutorial (with plenty of code samples) that shows how to use YUI AutoComplete with the Stripes Java framework. Freddy concludes that the two frameworks get along quite well.
  • WebMonkey on Building Local Search Widgets with Yahoo Maps: WebMonkey (which itself currently uses YUI 2.5.1 in addition to Prototype) created a new how-to guide on building local-search solutions with the Yahoo! Maps AJAX API. This isn't a YUI tutorial, specifically, although the widget you create will use YUI under the hood (Yahoo Maps and the AJAX API are both YUI-based). If you find the widget you build isn't playing nicely with your current YUI implementation, check out this simple remedy.
  • YUI Sighting — uses YUI's AutoComplete control (and many of the YUI Utilities) for its main search box and YUI Grids CSS for its page layout.
  • Book Quiz: YUIBlog reader "Jackson" sent in this implementation of YUI Drag & Drop and other components. It's a fun daily quiz asking you to match up famous (and some not-so-famous) authors with titles from their oeuvre. (Original source.)
  • Page Inlink Analyzer Using YUI and Site Explorer: Eric cooked up a quick YUI-based UI that provides an alternative look into the Yahoo! Site Explorer API.  From a YUI perspective, this is another demo of a full-page app using Dav's Layout Manager, Jenny's DataTable and a host of other components; from a broader perspective, the tool gives web site operators another way to look deeply into their page inlink data. (Original source.)