You're Invited: Yahoo! BrowserPlus Launch Event

By YUI TeamNovember 12, 2008

Yahoo! Browser Plus.

BrowserPlus (TM) is an innovative browser technology from Yahoo! that we're officially launching next week. If you'd like to come to the launch party, we'd love to have you. I'll be giving a short YUI overview early in the session, but the afternoon is really about Lloyd Hilaiel and the BrowserPlus team, the tools they've created, and how you might want to use BrowserPlus in your own development work.

RSVPs are on Upcoming and space is limited to 150 attendees.

If you haven't seen it before, the best way to describe BrowserPlus is that it's a new mechanism for extending the functionality of the browser and bridging the browser/desktop divide. Head over to the BrowserPlus site to install it and experience the demos that the team has created.