YUI Theater — Todd Kloots: "Developing Accessible Widgets with ARIA"

By YUI TeamDecember 8, 2008

Todd Kloots about ARIA and accessibility at Yahoo on December 3, 2008.

The Accessible Rich Interet Applications (ARIA) specification is in working-draft form in the W3C. It provides a framework for implementating rich web-applications that convey improved semantics to screen reader software as a user interacts with a page. ARIA is patterned after the more established desktop experience, but it also provides a set of tools that allows room for invention.

In this talk, delivered at Yahoo! on December 3, 2008, YUI engineer and accessibility specialist Todd Kloots introduces you to ARIA and provides some insights gleaned from his work in bringing ARIA support to a host of YUI widgets.

Slides for Todd's talk can be downloaded here (180MB ppt includes screencaptures of ARIA scenarios as experienced with a screen reader).

A full transcript of this video is available here.

Todd Kloots: "Developing Accessible Widgets with ARIA" @ Yahoo! Video

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