Free Chapter: "Advanced Techniques" from Nicholas C. Zakas's Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 2nd ed.

By YUI TeamJanuary 16, 2009

Nicholas C Zakas's Pro JS for Web Developers, 2nd Edition; click for a free sample chapter.Yahoo front-page engineer, frequent YUIBlog contributor and YUI Theater presenter Nicholas Zakas has released the second edition of his excellent JavaScript book, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers. This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the JavaScript side of frontend engineering, including interactions with the BOM and the DOM. While Nicholas is a YUI contributor (YUI Test, YUI Cookie, YUI Profiler) Pro JS is library-neutral and you'll find it of use regardless of which frontend library (if any) you're using.

Nicholas and his publishers at Wrox were kind enough to let us share a free chapter of the book with you here:

Nicholas introduces the chapter this way:

JavaScript is an incredibly flexible language that can be used in a variety of styles. Typically, JavaScript is used either in a procedural manner or an object-oriented one. The language, however, is capable of much more intricate and interesting patterns because of its dynamic nature. These techniques make use of ECMAScript language features, BOM extensions, and DOM functionality to achieve powerful results.

In this chapter, Nicholas writes about scope-safe constructors, lazy-loading functions, function binding, advanced timers, and more.

The new volume is available for purchase from Amazon. Personally, I've found this to be a particularly useful book for engineers coming into frontend engineering or professionalizing their practice. We've used the first edition for three years in internal classes taught at Yahoo, and the second edition is even better than the first. My forward for the second edition is available on Nicholas's blog.

Congratulations to Nicholas on the new volume, and our thanks to Wrox for sharing the free chapter with everyone here.