YUI in Action at University Hack Days in Mumbai and Delhi

By YUI TeamFebruary 18, 2009

We recently conducted Yahoo! University Hack Days at the premier technology universities in India, IIT Mumbai and IIT Delhi. Hack U is a wonderful avenue to "catch 'em young" by throwing open the challenge to bright minds to innovate over Yahoo!'s open offerings. The event was a great success, and a lot of fantastic young developers left with a new interest in open web technologies (and, hopefully, in Yahoo's developer offerings).Subramanyan's YUI talk

Both at IIT Mumbai and IIT Delhi, students were really excited to learn how to use YUI in their projects. Christian Heilmann introduced hacking with YUI in Delhi and I presented the YUI talk in IIT Mumbai. I also learned that in IIT Mumbai, YUI is being taught as a subject in their computer science lab.

We saw close to 25 hacks at each school. Many of these hacks used YUI. A really cool hack from IIT Mumbai called "ChoosY!" was an idea that merged social, personalization and search. With this hack, a user can create a search profile and then share that profile with other users. Each of the search profiles created was displayed in a YUI Tab, and their page was structured using YUI Grids.

Another excellent hack at Mumbai was the "Guitar Tab Finder," which uses YUI Animation to animate tabs on a virtual guitar for an uploaded song. YUI Image Cropper was used by a hack called "Flickard" that uses images from Flickr to create greeting cards by burning in text on to a image or section of an image.

At IIT Delhi, there was a hack called "Bird of Paradise" which uses the Flickr API to make a more visual travel planning site. That team employed YUI Layout Manager and YUI Grid Builder for layout and Yahoo! Maps to show the travel route.

Another crazy hack in IIT Delhi was called "SpaceHack" which tells you what your space address would be corresponding to your address (latitude & longitude) on Earth. The Yahoo! Maps API was used here. The "Flicking Flickr" hack from IIT Delhi uses Flickr images to create a screen saver concept on the browser. The screen saver animations were created using YUI Animation, chaining many different kinds of animations at random. Apart from the hacks mentioned above, most of the hacks tried to use the YQL service and did all their Ajax calls through YUI Connection Manager.Hack U demo

The general feel I got from the University Hack Days is that the examples in YUI are really good to work with for aspiring hackers, since most of the students don't read the documentation. The examples have great coverage and are a starting place for learning and developing more complex solutions. That's a big win for those of us who care about and work on YUI around the world.

Thanks to N Raja Gopal for providing pictures and feedback on the Hack Demos in IIT Mumbai.