YUI 2.7.0 Released

By YUI TeamFebruary 18, 2009

The YUI development team is pleased to release version 2.7.0 of the YUI Library. You can download YUI 2.7.0 from YUILibrary.com or configure your implementation using the YUI Configurator.

Version 2.7.0 introduces a new StyleSheet component, graduates three components out of "beta", improves support for the upcoming release of IE8, includes over 180 bug fixes and enhancements, and ships with more than 300 functional examples.

Introducing StyleSheet

The YUI StyleSheet Utility, developed by YUI engineer Luke Smith, provides a means to optimize the application of a style or changes to existing styles across multiple elements without incurring the cost of a page reflow for each element. Using the benefits of dynamic CSS, the StyleSheet Utility allows the creation of new stylesheets and changes to existing stylesheets that can be applied to multiple elements without the need to loop through the elements in the DOM, thus maintaining an optimal experience for the end user of the page.

Updates to Existing Components

Charts Enhancements

Enhancements to Charts Control include rotated labels, zero-gridline styling, and enhanced series styling

The Charts Control benefits from several new additions in the 2.7.0 release made by Dwight "Tripp" Bridges. Charts can now be specified with rotated axis labels and titles. New series styles have been added which allow more control over the color and alpha settings of lines, borders, and fills for the series markers. A zeroGridline style has been added to be able to draw attention to a chart's zero gridline when it appears beyond the origin. Several bugs have been addressed in the TimeAxis class, resulting in more accurate majorUnit and minorUnit calculations.

Additions to the Dom Collection

Matt Sweeney has been hard at work in both the 3.x and 2.x code lines of YUI. As an enhancement to 2.7.0, the work done in 3.x on getXY() and setXY() has been integrated into the Dom Collection for this release. The properties height and width are now available in Region; the get() method now supports Element instances; and several new methods have been added for this release, including getComputedStyle(), getElementBy(), setAttribute(), and getAttribute().

Container Changes

The Container family of components has received a couple notable updates from YUI's own Satyen Desai. Dialog now supports sending post data along with any data mined from the form for "async" post requests. It also provides the Connection object as the first argument to subscribers of the "asyncSubmit" event. Overlay's "fixedcenter" support has been enhanced with the ability to optionally disable centering on scroll when the window size is not large enough to fully contain the Overlay. The Container README file included in the release contains full details on these items and a full list of changes for 2.7.0.

Updated Treeview

Prolific YUI community member and developer Satyam has contributed a long list of enhancements and bug fixes to YUI's TreeView Control for this release. Node highlighting and selection has been added, including single and multi-node selection support as well as upward and downward propagation. There have been significant improvements to focus and event handling. The parsing in buildTreeFromMarkup() has been updated to read an HTML attribute called "yuiConfig" which can override any property read from the markup. It assembles an object literal that is then passed to buildTreeFromObject(). Several class names have been added to TreeView in order to make it easier to identify elements in the generated HTML. This is only a small sample of the changes to this component for 2.7.0. Refer to the TreeView README file for the full summary of changes in this release.

Internet Explorer 8 Support

The YUI team has put a great deal of effort into testing the library components with the pre-release versions of the new IE8 browser. There have been several changes made in the library to provide better compatibility with the new browser. Please note, at the time of the 2.7.0 release, IE8 is still a release candidate. Should any significant issues be found when IE8 is officially launched, we will work to post a timely YUI update.

Promotion from Beta Status

The following components have been promoted out of "beta" status in the YUI 2.7.0 release:

Over 180 Enhancements and Bug Fixes

The information included above describes just a few of the updates in 2.7.0. Refer to the README digest or the individual README files for full details on changes in this release. YUI 2.7.0 also addresses over 180 defect reports and enhancement requests that have been submitted by the development community. A comprehensive change log has been provided for your reference.


The YUI Library has grown in functionality as well as quality as a result of the feedback and suggestions we get from all of you in the community. We hope you will enjoy using the 2.7.0 release of YUI, and we look forward to your continued feedback on the YUI mailing list and forum. Please continue to log any enhancement requests you have for the library as well as defects you run into in your development at our new ticket repositories on YUILibrary.com.

For all of your feedback and support, I extend a big thank you to everyone in the YUI community on behalf of the entire development team: Adam Moore, Dav Glass, Eric Miraglia, Jenny Han Donnelly, Luke Smith, Matt Sweeney, Nate Koechley, Satyen Desai, Thomas Sha, and Todd Kloots; and contributors: Allen Rabinovich, Caridy Patiño, Dwight "Tripp" Bridges, Gopal Venkatesan, Julien Lecomte, Matt Mlinac, Nicholas C. Zakas, Philip Tellis, and Satyam.