In the Wild for March 16, 2009

By YUI TeamMarch 16, 2009

News and notes from around the YUI world during the past few weeks:

  • Ticketmaster Subsidiary Echo Using YUI Menus and DataTables: Geoff Alday from Ticketmaster subsidiary echo wrote in to tell us about a terrific implementation of YUI that his team has engineered as part of its echotools product.  "We use a large number of YUI components but these screenshots specifically show implementations of Menu and DataTable. Originally we chose YUI because we had been using another toolkit and found it cumbersome to use, heavy, and poorly documented. YUI seemed a lot faster, well documented, and properly tested. YUI also posted their browser testing practices, so we were comfortable it would cover the browsers we were supporting. Additionally, Yahoo! was and is using YUI themselves, which makes YUI more appealing."  echo creates websites for bands and focuses on "opening a powerful channel for conversation between entertainment brands and their consumers."  The YUI implementations are behind a login and are used to power the analytics provided to echo's customers.
  • Tyler Hall's YUI App Theme Built with YUI Grids CSS: Writes Tyler: "Tonight I pushed a new project to GitHub called yui-app-theme. It’s a generic, skinnable layout designed for web applications — particularly admin areas — built using YUI Grids. In other words, it’s a starting point. Usually when doing freelance work for clients, unless you’re building on top of an existing CMS like WordPress or MiaCMS, you’ll have to create an admin area for the client to login and manage their site. Or maybe you’re building a bug tracker or some other web application. Whatever the situation, yui-app-theme provides a solid foundation to start your work."
  • YUI Sighting — WebGUI CMS: The free (GPL) WebGUI CMS employs a wide range of YUI components, including a nice implementation of sliders and color pickers that facilitate the theming in the admin interface.
  • YUI Sighting --, New Geo-aware Social Networking App: Spidr is a new geo-aware social networking app "that helps you connect with people who could be sitting next to you in a coffee shop or pub or go to the same school or work in the same building as you do. Spidr helps you strike conversations with people who are not in you contact list but share physical space with you."  Spidr makes extensive use of YUI, including Buttons, Containers, DataTables, Tabs, and much more.
  • IKural, Unicode-based Indic Word-processor Using YUI RTE: Dav Glass's YUI Rich Text Editor is put to excellent use in iKural, a word processor for indic languages that "currently supports [the] Tamil language using Phonetic, Tamil99, New Typewriter and Old Typewriter keyboard layouts."
  • YUI Charts and DataTable on Symantec has a beautiful implementation of both YUI Charts and YUI DataTable on their security response site, leveraging a variety of YUI utilities under the hood to power their visually rich and impactful display.
  • Inside the Launchpad AJAX Sprint: A Week with Widgets and YUI 3: Launchpad is one of several groups that has begun using YUI 3.  The team recently got together for a YUI 3 widget programming intensive in Berlin, and they've blogged about the event on the Launchpad Blog. "Recently ten people from Launchpad and other parts of Canonical came together in Berlin to hack on Launchpad’s new YUI 3 JavaScript interface. The sprint was tremendously successful, producing four fully functioning YUI 3 Widgets, complete with test suites and live demo pages. This post offers a look inside the event, and some thoughts about what made it so successful."
  • YUI Sighting -- Social Sharing Site: is a new social sharing site that recently launched in beta mode; the interface makes extensive use of YUI.  "Lunch is a social sharing network fueled by your curiosity. It's a community where you create and discover genuinely useful information with people who share your interests. Lunch is based on the idea that you'll have the most meaningful exchanges with people who get your sense of humor, taste in books, love of snowboarding or penchant for Pac-Man.  At Lunch, you can contribute facts and opinions about almost everything. Based on your contributions, Lunch connects you to a similarity network of people who share your opinions and ideas. Through them, you can discover a mystery novel you've never heard of, a great local animal hospital, or the best place to buy folding bikes. You get personalized content in the best way -- through the right people."  Head over to to grab a place on the waiting list for the beta.
  • Jeffrey Cobb: "Using the YUI Loader and Yahoo’s CDN Rollup": Jeff writes on his YUICoder blog about how to use Adam Moore's YUI Loader to bring YUI into the page without ever needing to download YUI and host it on your own server.  Along the same lines, be sure to check out the Dependency Configurator -- it has a YUI Loader tab that provides you the YUI Loader script for any combination of YUI components.  (Like Jeff's script, this code assumes the presence of YUI Loader on the page.) (Original source.)
  • Allan Jardine's "Secret", Built with YUI Animation: Allan Jardine has released Secret, a JS library with a very particular task: "Secret is a Javascript library which provides the functions required for scanning an HTML document for certain characters, locating those characters on the rendered page and then displaying them in a rather fun Harry Potter style (the former parts might be more interesting for developers!)."  Check it out on his's quite fun.  Secret makes extensive use of Matt Sweeney's YUI Animation Utility.
  • Eyercise -- Speed Reading App Built with YUI Sliders, Dialogs, and More: Eyercize is a new app whose goal "is to help you become an accomplished speed reader.  By using Eyercize you will ease your workload, reduce eyestrain, improve your job skills, get better grades, [and] improve your material retention." Check it out at  Eyercize is built with a variety of YUI widgets, including prominent use of Sliders and Dialogs. (Original source.)
  • Dave Mosher on JavaScript Dependency Management and YUI Loader in Django: Dave Mosher has written about the work he and his colleagues have done leveraging Adam Moore's YUI Loader in their Django apps.  "One of the areas we identified as needing improvement was controlling when scripts get loaded in the page; it’s a challenging subject especially when utilizing Django templates which can extend and include bits of HTML that are both static and dynamic. We’re not finished the refactoring quite yet but I thought it would be valuable to blog about the lessons we’ve learned early on about how to manage JavaScript loading without having script tags all over the place."  Check out the blog post for full details.
  • Iain Lamb on JavaScript Lambda Patterns: Iain Lamb blogs about the usefulness of JavaScript module patterns using anonymous functions (citing a popular YUIBlog piece from a few years ago), including the particular lambda pattern that intrigues him most. Writes Iain: "This pattern fascinates me – not just as a javascript programmer, but as a computer scientist. At its core, this beauty is a simple anonymous function expression, capable of appearing within itself again and again (because it’s an expression containing expressions).  This concise lambda pattern pretty much describes every block of javascript I’ve written in recent memory – ranging from modest expressions embedded into somebody else’s code to all the way to entire programs. You’re basically looking at source code of every javascript file I’ve produced in the last several years."  Check out his blog post for sample code.
  • Grails UI 1.0 Released for YUI and Bubbling Library: The popular GrailsUI project has hit the important 1.0 release milestone.  GrailsUI brings broad YUI support to Grails and includes Caridy Patiño Mayea's excellent Bubbling Library as well.  The documentation is fantastic, and support is provided for a wide range of YUI's widgets, including DataTables, Rich Text Editors, and much more.  Congratulations to Matthew Taylor, whose blog post has much more detail on the release. (Original source.)
  • YUICoder: Override Alert() with a YUI Dialog: Writes Jeffrey Cobb on YUICoder: "You know and I know and everyone knows the alert boxes generated by the browsers are OLD-SCHOOL and look like garbage. Well using YUI you can easily change that by just including a little code in you page. Simply add the code [in this article] to the bottom of your page just before the end body tag then add the body style to the begining body tag called 'yui-skin-sam' and that’s it." Jeffrey's solution replaces the old-school alerts with YUI DialogsCheck out the blog post for full code and details.
  • Matt Snider Brings MVC to YUI, Now on Google Code: Matt Snider (lead F2E of has brought his YUI MVC extensions library to Google Code to facilitate more collaboration and code sharing with his users.  Matt's project "extends the Yahoo! User Interface Library with improved functionality and a Model View Controller interface for page interaction and AJAX communication."
  • Adding Up Column Data in YUI Datatable: Another useful tip from Jeffrey Cobb's YUICoder blog -- adding up column data using Jenny Donnelly's YUI DataTable control. Check out the blog post for code samples and description.

As always, please let us know in the comments about anything that's missing here.